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A Day On Blue Dolphin Sunset Sailing

July 27, 2016 by Tamarindo Active

Sunsets in Tamarindo, Costa Rica are unique, full of magic, colors and an amazing peaceful feeling. Travelers from all around the world come to Tamarindo and find themselves in this colorful dance where the sun merges into the sea. But there is nothing like having the opportunity to witness this display while you are sailing, this opportunity can easily be the most unforgettable experience of all your trip.


The Blue Dolphin is a 40 feet sailing catamaran. It is one of the sailing boats anchored in Tamarindo Beach that offers sunset sailing trips, plus it offers open bar, lunch and the chance to practice Snorkeling, Paddleboarding and Kayaking. The Boat also has trampolines for sunbathing, a lounge roofed area and bathrooms.

It is important to make a reservation before your trip, given the fact that this is one of the most pursued activities by locals and visitors, it is better to make sure you have a space on the boat. Even though the Catamaran has a 40 people capacity, they won’t allow more than 30 people on board, this way everyone will feel more comfortable and have more space to enjoy.


We arrived to the meeting point at the time agreed. It is easy to find thanks to the Blue Dolphin team instructions and signs. We got there and immediately found the person in charge, we checked and waited a little bit for the rest of people who were coming in the boat with us.

We were 16 people total, we got on the dinghy boat which took us to the catamaran. The minute you jump on that boat you can feel the magic, the salty wind, the views and the ocean, filling you with the anticipation of an unforgettable experience.

“Siempre me ha fascinado la inmensidad del mar, poder mirar al infinito y no ver nada mas que el mar que nunca acaba; y ahí estaba, a bordo del Blue Dolphin, contemplando la hermosura infinita de la naturaleza”

Getting on The Blue Dolphin we receive a warm welcome from the Crew, offering us first of all a drink from the Open Bar, followed by a presentation and safety instructions. The catamaran is simple but cozy and comfortable, it has a roofed salon for those who want to protect themselves from the sun, it also has trampolines for those who prefer enjoying the sun and wind. I set myself on one of the trampolines and just like that we sailed to our adventure.

I have always been fascinated by the immensity of the ocean, being able to look to the infinity and not seeing anything else but the ocean that never ends. And there I was on board of the Blue Dolphin, gazing at the limitless beauty of nature while we sailed away of the Tamarindo beach, enjoying the wind on my face and of course a cold beer courtesy of the Open Bar, soft music in the background… Definitely a relaxing moment to enjoy with special persons.

Suddenly the catamaran stops, we got to a beach called Eggs Bay, it is a far beach, lonely, it has a peaceful and clear water, perfect to take a good dip, make Snorkel, Kayak or Paddle Board.

Snorkel was my choice, all the equipment is included, clean and in perfect conditions you feel safe having all the Crew taking care of you. For me Snorkeling could be easily a meditation technique, focusing only in your paused and quiet breathing while being on direct contact with nature is priceless, tons of different colors fishes swim by my side and the variety of marine life is wide. It is a fascinating experience.

Returning to the catamaran, a delicious lunch awaits for us, exquisite chicken, rice and beans typical from Costa Rica, and of course a lot of fresh fruits to have along with our lunch.
While we have lunch I had the opportunity of meeting and talking wit the the rest of the crew. Sharing food and couple of drinks I was able to get to know their stories and adventures, this way I made friends of different cultures, exchanged experiences while listening happy latin music, and drinking Guaro Shots- Costa Rica’s typical drink.

The way back is quiet, calmed, we go raising sails, with a slower pace, pass next to several rocky islands, where people says that pirates used to hide a very long time ago. A sea Turtle swims rapidly calling all the crew attention, and on the horizon the sky starts its show, coloring itself with orange and pink tones, the sun starts to set and once again natures gives us a magnificent sunset, and being on board a sailboat you can contemplate how the sun hides under the immensity of the ocean. And just like that we get back to Tamarindo Beach, recharged with good energy, new friends, happy and grateful to being able to have the opportunity to enjoy a perfect day on board of the Blue Dolphin.