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La Senda

Tamarindo English, Spanish

La Senda Farm is a perfect example of nature in the northern region of Costa Rica. Partly meadow and partly tropical dry forest, surrounded and protected by smooth hills, the 74 acres property, although only 20 minutes away from bustling Tamarindo, exhales tranquility and serenity. In every detail, from the vibrant beauty of the forest and the extended paddock to the colorful diversity of flora and abundance of wildlife, the soothing caress of the labyrinth’s energy field and the nurturing presence of all our domestic animals, there is an unspoken energy that words cannot grasp. Living in La Senda, this little piece of paradise , feels like a blessing to us This experience, we want to share: the close and marvelous contact with nature, its plants and animals; the organic farming; the integration in the local community and exchange of knowledge; and above all the opening up to the blissful and propitious energy vibration of this place.

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